If you are currently enrolled in program of Community Partnerships and need immediate assistance between the hours of 5 PM-8 AM or during a weekend or holiday, call our After Hours Crisis Line: 608-258-0269

Executive Leadership
Scott Strong, Executive Director 608-210-0111
Kate Perleberg, Chief Financial Officer 608-210-0166
Lori Duzan, Clinical Director 608-210-0107
Athena Luxem, Quality Improvement Manager 608-210-0102
Katie Myhre, Program Development Manager 608-210-0103
Keri Cavitt, HR Manager 608-210-0118
Jason Smith, Program Manager 608-210-0160
Administrative Team
Deb Jellings, Executive Administrative Assistant 608-210-0130
Lynda Badger, Accounting Assistant 608-210-0147
Mariant Hildebrandt, Administrative Assistant 608-210-0112
Mary Hensen, Business Manager 608-210-0122
Tanya Graham, HR/Program Specialist 608-210-0162
Centralized Intake
Casey Zadoka, Referral Specialist 608-210-0126
Court Ordered Evaluations
Robin Gray, COE Program Coordinator 608-210-0119
Amalia Becker, Evaluation Coordinator 608-210-0123
Claire Patterson, PsyD, Evaluator 608-210-0117
Jenny Sze, Evaluation Coordinator 608-210-0115
Early Childhood Initiative Program
Rebecca AndersonLead/Site Coordinator- Allied & Leopold Dr. 608-669-3641
Allison Rodriguez, Bilingual Family Support Specialist 608-695-2189
Grisel Tapia Claudio, Bilingual Family Support Specialist 608-219-5190
Jodie Garcia, Family Support Specialist 608-577-7858
Mercy GreenwaldLead/Site Coordinator- Russett Rd. 608-843-8931
Ashley Hayes, Family Support Specialist 608-334-2267
Kjerstin Gurda, Family Support Specialist 608-695-4450
Carrie TourekLead/Site Coordinator- Sun Prairie & Marshall 608-692-8072
Asha Witherell, Family Support Specialist 608-669-3670
Stephanie Krook, Bilingual Family Support Specialist 608-669-3724
Brittany Brooks, Lead/Site Coordinator- North Side 608-572-3818
Katie Weir, Family Support Specialist 608-512-5077
Sheena Jacobi, Bilingual Family Support Specialist 608-512-9452
Children Come First Program
Megan O’Brien, CCF Hospital Diversion Program Supervisor 608-210-0109
Allison Bender, HDP Clinical Specialist 608-210-0163
Beth Adamski, HDP Clinical Specialist 608-210-0158
Sarah Chodorow, HDP Clinical Specialist 608-210-0127
Karen Fujikawa, HDP Clinical Specialist 608-210-0139
Robyn Wallin, HDP Clinical Specialist 608-210-0134
Sarah MislinskiCCF Program Supervisor 608-210-0164
Elizabeth Park-Floyd, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0150
Hannah Ethun, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0153
Julie Bump, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0131
Kelsey Imberg, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0129
Marta Olvera, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0101
Sarah Bennett, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0154
Tricia JohnsonCCF Program Supervisor 608-210-0162
Alexandra Cruickshank, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0156
Amanda Terrinoni, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0149
Ann Goth, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0104
Ciarra Grobe, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0152
Kristi Mason, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0116
Megan Gour, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0100
Mike Dorfman, CCF Coordinator 608-210-0157
Paula Buege, Family and Consumer Advocate 608-210-0124
Transition to Independence Program
Michele Bahl, TIP & CCS Program Supervisor 608-210-0161
Ann Frisella, Transition Specialist 608-210-0151
Dave Neal, Transition Specialist 608-210-0128
Libby Armstrong, Transition Specialist 608-210-0125
Michelle Wright, Transition Specialist 608-210-0148
Provider Network: Children Come First & Comprehensive Community Services
Brianna Vejvoda, Provider Network Coordinator 608-210-0106
Hope Swanson, Provider Network Support Specialist 608-210-0110
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